Parenting Help

Just the other day I saw advertised in the local papers something that caught my sense of humor. It was very obviously a spoof advertisement, but in the state, I was in at the time it held great appeal. It was a “Help Parenting Advice or Expert needed” ad.

The gist of it was something along the lines of, “My mother is going on an extended holiday and I need someone to help me with my two children. They’re not little monsters but the person who applies will need to have a hearty disposition.”
What caught my attention was not anything else about the Help Parenting ad, but the fact that it did something bold and was something that I would have also liked to do. I know that sounds confusing, but just before I saw the Help Parenting ad, my kids had just managed to make what amounted to a great big mess in my kitchen and were even now in the yard making a mess of themselves.

And normally that would have been alright too, but before the mess in the kitchen they had managed to get in the bathroom and create a typhoon or a tsunami or something for their battleships, and before that, they had managed to find new and horrifying ways of tearing up the living room.

I have to say even that would have been alright, and I’m no stickler for little kids staying in one place and not getting dirty, but I had just gone through the house yesterday cleaning as much as I could.

What clinched matters though and had me half wishing I too could place a Help Parenting ad in the papers, besides the fact that the dog ran all over through the house in the middle of his bath tracking even more dirt, was the fact that my in-laws were coming over for dinner tonight!

This naturally explained much of my stress and the appeal the Help Parenting ad held for me. I get on well with my in-laws, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not possible to greet them with good cheer on my face when just about everything has fallen to pieces almost right before they arrived.

Sure they would laugh about it, even about the marinating chicken stolen off the kitchen table by our mutt of a dog, and they would help and be generally good about the whole thing, but sometimes I just felt like I wanted my mother to rely on and to ask advice from.